Move’n play offers a set of gestures you have to execute with your iPhone, up to you if you can truly replicate them.

Move’n play recognizes the gesture done. If it matches, you score. And the faster you go, the more gestures will show up, the more you score.

Then, when you start to be successful, the application allows you to compare your scores with your friends !

Different levels of difficulty, less and less time or longer series will give you the opportunity to earn points and compare your performance with your friends !

Characteristics :

  • Different game modes:
    • Training mode
    • Endurance
    • Time trial
    • Memory mode
  • Over 10 levels
  • A substantial gesture database (more than 15 gestures !)
How to play
Holding the Phone
Always hold the device horizontally, parallel to the ground, with your thumb above the screen. The game is flexible and precise enough to let you play without thinking about it !
The Gesture
Press the button with your thumb, perform the gesture by moving the device in a vertical plane and release the button when done.
What kind of gesture
You have to reproduce the gesture represented as a symbol behind the « press » button. Watch out for the arrow which will indicate the direction of rotation …
Game modes
Move’n play offers four different game modes :

Training : for the beginner to practice, or for the advanced player to train and improve his skills !
Endurance : Reach the highest score with maximum 3 mistakes in a row. Don’t stress, keep cool !
Time trial : Make as many requested gestures as you can before time runs out … The more you do, the more you score !
Memory : Score as many points as you can by reproducing a sequence of gestures you have to memorize. But of course the more you play, the longer the sequence gets !

The levels
Each of the game modes (Training, Endurance, Time trial, Memory) comes with 10 different game levels.

Two principles :

  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch : to have access to the higher level, you need to reach a goal set by the game.
  • Reward: The more you succeed, the more you discover new gestures !
The gestures
Share your results
The game gives you the possibility to share your scores with your friends and maybe get your worldwide ranking. For now, no contest, no challenge, but a lot is coming (you can ask via our forum)