Move’n Call is easy to use :
Select a contact
Create YOUR gesture (be creative !)
Call using the gesture

How to teach your phone a gesture ?

In the “Gesture” tab, you can add a new contact
and teach your phone a new gesture.


Just like if you would like to teach someone,
you have to repeat the gesture you want to create (3 times at least).
To go further !
Optimize your gesture
1. Enter the same examples of your gesture
2. Between 1 and 3 sec
3. Independant from the other gestures
Move’n Call will learn with you the gestures you enter. To be more accurate, just add more examples when you enter a new gesture.
I don’t want to confirm my gesture before calling !
You just need to go in your phone setting and disactivate call confirmation
My gesture isn’t working
Add more examples (up to 10)
Delete the gesture and start over
Attention to the neighbor and cable !
Nowadays, a call can be really dangerous, so take a look on the right, on the left and check if your phone is plugged or not.
All we want is your safety.

It’s up to you
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